Addictions and Substance Use 101

Addictions and Substance Use 101

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Mental Health and Addiction

Is the addiction caused by mental health issues? Or are mental health issues the result of the addiction? All too often the debate arises...

Q&A – Key Skills for Staff

Essential skills can come in many forms. Often we perceive knowledge and ability as the most important skills for our staff and coworkers...

Q&A – Harm Reduction

"Meet people where they are at." The most basic tenet of harm reduction. Passing judgment, making assumptions and having unrealistic expectations for our clients...

Addictions and Substance Use

Even if you don't work directly in addiction services, it is important to understand the major treatment strategies and issues involved in drug...

One Word

Imagine the difference that one word can make. It can uplift a person, or make them feel worthless. It can start a relationship,...

Q&A – Mental Health on the Streets

A major contributor to stigma in our communities comes from simple misunderstandings of the facts regarding addictions and mental health. Knowing what to do and...

Q&A – Experience for Clients

We want to provide a safe space for our clients, not just a mattress to sleep on. We want to provide a community...