Training Calendar
Trauma Informed Care and Resiliency

Lisa Clarke | Kawartha Sexual Assault Centre Mandy Hamu | YWCA Peterborough Haliburton We will begin this three-hour workshop exploring the Adverse Childhood Experiences study,...

Cultural Awareness Training

Nikita Corbiere, Kimberley Lamothe, and Teresa Nahwegahbow Nogojiwanong Friendship Centre The CAT (Cultural Awareness Training) sessions are meant to provide an awareness about Indigenous people...

Mental Health and Addiction

Is the addiction caused by mental health issues? Or are mental health issues the result of the addiction? All too often the debate arises...

Q&A – Key Skills for Staff

Essential skills can come in many forms. Often we perceive knowledge and ability as the most important skills for our staff and coworkers...

Q&A – Harm Reduction

"Meet people where they are at." The most basic tenet of harm reduction. Passing judgment, making assumptions and having unrealistic expectations for our clients...