An Introduction to Hoarding

08 Nov An Introduction to Hoarding

Eliza Burroughs | PRHC



March 7, 2019 | 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM EST


Peterborough Lions Community Centre | Sisson Room
347 Burnham St.
Peterborough, ON K9H 1T5

Course Description:

This is a half-day course designed to provide an introductory overview of Hoarding Disorder. Topics covered will include diagnostic criteria, a brief history of Hoarding Disorder, prevalence and potential causes, assessment methods, and current treatment approaches.

Facilitator Biography:

Eliza Burroughs | PRHC
Eliza is a Registered Psychotherapist who has been working in the area of mood and anxiety disorders for over 15 years. As a staff psychotherapist at Peterborough Regional Health Care Centre, Eliza provides group-based and individual Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for these issues. In her role at the F.W. Thompson Anxiety Disorders Centre, Eliza has been involved in community- and hospital-based treatments for Hoarding and is an active member of the Ontario Provincial Hoarding Network. She has provided numerous presentations and workshops on the topic. Eliza now lives and works in Peterborough where she is hoping to help in capacity building for Hoarding-related services.

Interactive Elements Included:

  • Group discussion of personal and professional experience with hoarding.
  • Practice of selected assessment methods.
  • Group discussion of community resources.
  • Using a Model of Hoarding to conceptualize clients (partner or group work).