Training Calendar
Q&A – Mental Health on the Streets

A major contributor to stigma in our communities comes from simple misunderstandings of the facts regarding addictions and mental health. Knowing what to do and...

Q&A – Experience for Clients

We want to provide a safe space for our clients, not just a mattress to sleep on. We want to provide a community...

Q&A – Assessment Without Judgement

Assessment is an integral part of the care process. It is important, however, to acknowledge our biases and judgments when making those assessments...

Q&A – The Art and Science of MI

Motivational Interviewing is an approach to promoting strengths-based change that combines the art of impactful and compassionate care with the science of effective...

You Stepped Up

Have you ever encountered a client or patient whose life seems to be getting smaller and smaller?  They have so much potential, but...