HIV & Hep C 101: Including Our Community of Lived Experience

10 Sep HIV & Hep C 101: Including Our Community of Lived Experience

Brittany Cameron and Becky Lyon | PARN

Join us for a training session that covers HIV and Hep C basics such as prevention, testing, harm reduction, stigma, coinfection, treatment, and local resources available. There will also be an introduction to engaging people with lived experience who are directly impacted. This session is designed specifically for helping professionals, i.e. anyone in a position of interacting with people in providing a service.


Morning –
i. One word check-in for the group.
ii. Vox Vote: STBBIs knowledge.
iii. Presentation: HIV basics, when to get tested & resources available, harm reduction as prevention.
iv. Presentation: Hep C basics, when to get tested & resources available, Hep C stigma, coinfection, harm reduction as prevention.
Afternoon –
i. Presentation: What does it mean to engage community members with lived experience, impacting your service delivery? Understanding GIPA & MEPA principles.
ii. Group discussion that is peer-facilitated:

  • Topic 1: Perceived barriers in accessing your service agency and systems referral.
  • Topic 2: Shame and stigma impacting service access and missed appointments.
  • Topic 3: Your role in community engagement as a service provider.

iii. Open discussion & report back to the group: what can you take back? What are some challenges moving forward?
iv. What is one thing you will do for self-care today?



November 21, 2019 | 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM EST


Peterborough Lions Community Centre | Sisson Room
347 Burnham St.
Peterborough, ON K9H 1T5

Interactive Elements Included:

  • i. A vox vote will be circulated in the morning to gauge knowledge and awareness of sexually transmitted & blood-borne diseases, and repeated in the afternoon to highlight any new information gained.
  • ii. An HIV transmission game lead by Brittany Cameron will broaden participant’s knowledge of how HIV is transmitted and associated risk factors in regards to sexual health.
  • iii. The break-out group discussion is an opportunity for service providers to problem solve with their colleagues on the barriers experienced by their clients in accessing services in the community.

Facilitator Biographies:

Brittany Cameron | PARN
Brittany Cameron is PARN’s Peer and Volunteer Engagement Program Coordinator; with over 10 years lived experience engaging with vulnerable people locally, provincially, nationally and beyond. Brittany believes that the only way forward in our work is meaningfully engaging people with lived experience at all levels of the work we do. With a background in social work, Brittany brings both her lived experience and her educational training to the table.

Becky Lyon | PARN
Becky Lyon is the Hep C Outreach Coordinator for PARN. She has worked in Peterborough and surrounding areas since 2012, including for Kawartha Food Share, Alderville Black Oak Savanna and By the Bushel Food Co-operative. Becky’s recent training in Social and Behavioural Health Sciences guides her work in serving our public that face systemic barriers in accessing equitable health care. She is grateful to work for an organization that values lived experience with compassionate support. 


Who should attend this training?

QoC training sessions are designed for helping professionals in Peterborough City and County. We define “helping professional” as anyone in a position of interacting with people in providing a service.

Will food be provided?

Coffee, tea, are light snacks are included. Lunch will not be provided. There are several restaurants within walking distance of the Lions Centre. Please feel free to contact the Project Lead for recommendations.

Is there parking?

There is free parking at the Lions Centre, but come early as spaces can fill up fast! Street parking is also available.

Who can I contact with further questions?

Contact the QoC Project Lead at or 705-927-3448.

The cost of this training has been subsidized through a partnership with the Peterborough Drug Strategy and its members. Tickets are sold on a cost-recovery basis. Bursaries are available upon request.