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This two-part interactive and engaging workshop will explore new ways for participants to integrate trauma-informed and trauma-sensitive practices into their work and workplaces. Participants will have an opportunity to learn and practice safety and stabilization techniques that they can share with clients. Topics covered will include an introduction to trauma responses, stigma and biases, defining trauma, trauma-informed principles, screening for trauma, the Six Dimensions of Complex PTSD, First Stage Trauma Treatment Skills, and vicarious trauma.

A Question of Care

A Question of Care (QoC) is a Peterborough-based capacity-building initiative focused on building and strengthening skills, knowledge, and awareness to address the intersections between substance use, stigma, mental illness, and trauma. QoC creates spaces for mutual learning, respectful dialogue, and fostering collaboration between community members, as well as multi-sectoral collaboration and interdisciplinary practice between professionals.

“I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of connection made in the breakout groups. People came from all different perspectives and professional backgrounds, but it felt like there was a common entity for us to connect over: the reason why we were all there”.

– Jane Mark, Patient Relations Consultant, PRHC

“Question of Care workshops are a great affordable resource for frontline workers. Topics and content are relevant and needed information for day-to-day work. Even if you are familiar with the theme, there are always new things to learn, new ideas or updated research, shared tips and techniques, and the peer support is very valuable, especially working in rural communities.” – Participant

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Receptionist at the Office

We go on auto-pilot with certain clients because their behaviour is difficult… But what we need to do is take the time to look at what is behind the behaviour and really understand what the intention is.

A Question of Care (QoC) is a local training initiative coordinated by the Peterborough Drug Strategy.

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