A Question of Care (QoC) is a Peterborough-based capacity-building initiative focused on building and strengthening skills, knowledge, and awareness to address the intersections between substance use, stigma, mental illness, and trauma. QoC creates spaces for mutual learning, respectful dialogue, and fostering collaboration between community members, as well as multi-sectoral collaboration and interdisciplinary practice between professionals. Our goal is to see helping professionals and community members feel better equipped in person-centred relationships, and for people living with complexity to see a reduction in the stigma they encounter in their communities.

Workshops, forums, and other events are offered at minimal cost with a focus on people in Peterborough City and County.

Workshops for Helping Professionals 

Helping Professional Workshops

Click here for a detailed listing of our workshops for helping professionals. We define “helping professional” as anyone in a position of interacting with people in providing a service.

Workshops for Community Members

Community Member Workshops

Click here for a detailed listing of our workshops for community members. We gear our community workshops towards people who are 18 and over in Peterborough City and County and who support someone who uses substances.

Full Training Calendar


Click here for a detailed listing of all of our upcoming training opportunities. Dates, registration, and further details about all of our workshops, forums, and other events can be found here.

Certificate Opportunities


Click here to learn about the certificates of attendance and multi-workshop certificates that A Question of Care offers.

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