Addiction and Substance Use: Foundations and Approaches

Addiction and Substance Use: Foundations and Approaches

Level One Core QoC Workshop

This workshop will cover information on addiction and substance use, including viewing substance use on a continuum, the self-medication hypothesis, substance use effects, how people make change, abstinence and harm reduction approaches, treatment options in Ontario, recovery concepts, and friends and family work. This course will cover core principles and practices that will enhance what you already know.

Please note that this workshop was previously titled Understanding Substance Use.

Learning Objectives

  • Strengthen and build upon your knowledge of addiction concepts.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of substance use.
  • Explore work through a concurrent disorder lens.
  • Consider lived experience perspectives.
  • Collaborate across disciplines and sectors.

Participant Testimonials

“A fantastic program.”

“As someone with a social work background but not much experience working with substance use, things were still taught and discussed in a clear way, and I was able to gain so much knowledge and understanding from this course.”

“Good mix between lecture and interaction with other participants.”


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