Beyond the Basics

Beyond the Basics: Meaningfully Engaging People with Lived Experiences

PARN Partner Workshop

People living with, affected by, and at risk of HIV and Hepatitis C play an increasingly important role in the development and delivery of programs, interventions, and services designed to meet their needs. Join us as we learn about HIV and Hep C beyond the basics.

We present the idea of task shifting at your workplace, within the framework of meaningful engagement of people with lived experience. Recognizing that health and community development are interlinked, task shifting seeks to improve access to services for our community. In a redistribution of tasks, we discuss the role of peers to support this process and assist in returning to the core principles of health services that are accessible and equitable. This training seeks to further support the inclusion of diverse voices as an integral part of reducing and eliminating transmission of HIV and Hep C while supporting better overall health outcomes in our communities. Topics covered include peer engagement as related to prevention, transmission, testing, treatment, and outreach programming.

This workshop will affirm the overwhelming value and benefit of engaging people with lived experiences to expand standard programming. This framework can be applied in an innovative, respectful, and equitable manner, while concurrently encouraging collaborative partnerships between service providers in order to achieve effective service delivery.

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