First Stage Trauma Treatment

First Stage Trauma Treatment

Level One Core QoC Workshop

This interactive and engaging workshop explores new ways for participants to integrate trauma-informed, trauma-sensitive practices into their work and workplaces. Participants are provided with an opportunity to learn and practice safety and stabilization techniques that they can then share with clients.

Learning Objectives

  • How to recognize trauma symptoms.
  • Strengthen and build on trauma-informed practices.
  • Explore how to create a safe and therapeutic environment.
  • Learn about the connection between trauma and addictions.
  • Review trauma-informed skills.
  • Explore Vicarious Trauma – how to take care of you.

Participant Testimonials

“Not only was the workshop informative, it provided me with a sense of hope and reminded me to fill my cup so I can hold the cup of my client until they can hold it themselves.”

“Received lots of great resources. It was a good reminder of what trauma work is and how to identify trauma. Lots of great tools/analogies to use with clients and a reminder of what I am doing well already.”

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