First Stage Trauma Treatment

First Stage Trauma Treatment

Level One Core QoC Workshop

This two-part interactive and engaging workshop will explore new ways for participants to integrate trauma-informed and trauma-sensitive practices into their work and workplaces. Participants will have an opportunity to learn and practice safety and stabilization techniques that they can share with clients. Topics covered will include an introduction to trauma responses, stigma and biases, defining trauma, trauma-informed principles, screening for trauma, the Six Dimensions of Complex PTSD, First Stage Trauma Treatment Skills, and vicarious trauma.

Learning Objectives

  • How to recognize trauma symptoms.
  • Strengthen and build on trauma-informed practices.
  • Explore how to create a safe and therapeutic environment.
  • Learn about the connection between trauma and addictions.
  • Review trauma-informed skills.
  • Explore vicarious trauma – how to take care of you.

Participant Testimonials

“Not only was the workshop informative, it provided me with a sense of hope and reminded me to fill my cup so I can hold the cup of my client until they can hold it themselves.”

“Received lots of great resources. It was a good reminder of what trauma work is and how to identify trauma. Lots of great tools/analogies to use with clients and a reminder of what I am doing well already.”

“It was a really wonderful and informative session, and I learned a lot about trauma that I can now even apply to my own life and in the workplace!”

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