Harm Reduction in Practice

Harm Reduction in Practice

Level One Core QoC Workshop

An in-depth look at harm reduction as a foundational model for health and social services. This interactive multimedia workshop will invite participants to engage in several core principles that comprise harm reduction as related to substance use. Through large and small group discussions and various group and individual exercises, participants will cultivate a more concrete understanding of harm reduction and work to develop an assortment of tools and strategies to better implement harm reduction practically in their professional and personal lives.

Learning Objectives

  • Gain an understanding of the principles and practices of harm reduction;
  • Understand the role of stigma in the negative health outcomes for People Who Use Drugs;
  • Learn about common harm reduction supplies and their uses, including safe disposal practices;
  • Gain an understanding of harm reduction programming in our community.

Participant Testimonials

“Very grateful for the information and the candid and compassionate way it was presented!”

“I loved the workshop. It was very interesting to learn, and I like how you got everyone involved in small groups and asking questions.”

“This was the most eye-opening education program that I have participated in, in a very long time.”

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