Improving Services for LGBT+ Populations

Improving Services for LGBT+ Populations

PARN Partner Workshop

This course provides information for service providers to feel more confident, competent, and comfortable providing services to people with diverse gender identities and expressions or whose sexual orientation may be different than the majority. Stigma and marginalization impact an individual’s health and well-being in many ways and affects whether that person will access services when they are in need of them. We want to help agencies to become more accessible, places of welcome for the communities they serve. In this workshop, we use case studies and give concrete, evidence-based examples of ways to improve frontline service, documentation, and policies. There is also a focus on best practice services for trans and non-binary folks.

Did you know that LGBT2-SIQA people are more highly represented as substance users? In this training, we discuss factors that contribute to this, including how this group has been targeted by alcohol and tobacco companies as a demographic. Participants are also provided with transferrable knowledge and skills for some of the other marginalized groups they serve.

Interactive Elements Included:

  • Self-survey regarding bias and stigma.
  • A connectivity exercise using the Social Determinants of Health.
  • Working through words activity.
  • Metaphors activity.
  • Partner and group discussion prompts.
  • Video and debrief.
  • Gender spectrum hands-on activity.

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