Motivational Interviewing

Motivational Interviewing

Level One Core QoC Workshop

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a person-centred, directive method of communication for enhancing intrinsic motivation to change and is recognized as an effective evidence-based approach to support autonomy and long-term behaviour change.

In this two-part interactive, introductory workshop, we will explore how to enhance our conversation style with clients as they contemplate change. We will discuss topics such as how to explore ambivalence, roll with resistance, and elicit change-talk. We will learn how to work within the Motivational Interviewing spirit, where showing a genuine interest in the client’s perspective leads to further collaboration.

Learning Objectives

  • Define Motivational Interviewing and discuss safe ways to explore ambivalence.
  • Find ways to incorporate the spirit of MI into our work.
  • Examine the change process through the Stages of Change model.
  • Explore tools for change.
  • Learn to avoid common traps in conversation with clients.
  • Gain an appreciation of the principles of MI.
  • Review the Micro Skills to help further develop conversations with clients.
  • Expand our understanding of change talk and commitment talk and how to discern the difference.

Participant Testimonials

“It was a rich and deeply satisfying online training experience. The facilitators were knowledgeable, and the training format flowed beautifully from theory into practice. I also appreciated the compassion and generous sharing of the participants. All round, a great experience.”

“This training was very informative and relevant to my work in human service industry. I loved the scenarios with the content of the training. They were excellent to develop new language to affirm, reflect, and evoke change.”

“The content was very helpful and well-paced. I feel more confident coming out of this workshop!”

“As someone who is new to MI, I found this workshop very helpful! A great introduction and stepping stone!”

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