Recipes for Change

Recipes for Change

A Nourish Partner Workshop Series

This series, led by Nourish staff, will provide clarity around what each level of government is responsible for, and how we can influence those levels of government, as well as other decision-makers in our communities. The four discussion-based sessions will use case studies to illustrate how change is made around various issues, from generating public will to influencing practices and policies. At the end of the series, participants will have a sense of how they can work together to create the change they want to see, with specific attention to the current opioid crisis.


Who Does What: We will start by going over the responsibilities of each level of government and how they intersect with our daily lives. This will conclude with an activity where participants will have the opportunity to envision the community they want to live in.

Changing Minds: In this session, we will use examples of changes made at the municipal level to discuss the ways you can interact with local elected representatives, including making delegations to City Council and writing letters to Councillors. This will also involve discussion of how to address stigma, as well as build awareness and public will around issues.

Working Together: This session will focus on campaigns that address issues at the provincial level and will explore the strategy of developing strong collaboratives. There will also be a discussion around the ingredients of a movement for change, beginning with ideas generated by the participants themselves.

Effective Strategizing: Finally, we will move on to the national movements that have made changes at the federal level, and end with brainstorming approaches most relevant to the work participants hope to do.

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