Street-Based Sex Work and Harm Reduction During COVID-19

HSJCC and PARN Partner Webinar

Goals for the Webinar Include:

  • To increase knowledge of the current laws regarding street-based sex work and what that means in a local context.
  • To increase the awareness of the impact of stigma on those engaged in street-based sex work and enable service providers to provide appropriate supports.
  • To identify ways to continue engagement with folks engaged in street-based sex work about their safety and well-being.
  • To address the associated harms related to stigma and street-based sex work in downtown Peterborough.
  • To address the current challenges street-based sex workers are facing due to COVID-19.

Activities for the Webinar Include:

  • Presentation on the spectrum of sexual exchange for profit.
  • Feedback from community members with current and historical engagement in street-based sex work.
  • In-webinar polls to increase self-reflection.
  • Q&A period.

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