Worker Wellness in Complicated Times for Managers and Directors

Worker Wellness in Complicated Times for Managers and Directors

Good Grief Care Consultants Premium Workshop Series

This workshop series provides an orientation to the range of debriefing, self-care, and collective care strategies to help managers and supervisors identify and respond to the impact of ongoing loss events. Integrating practical supports for grief and loss events can help sustain a healthy workplace, spirited team, and resilient workers.

Using a combination of presentation, reflective activities, and group interaction, this learning opportunity provides managers with strategies for processing grief and loss in these key areas:

  • a) Support for bereaved workers as individuals.
  • b) Support for a team when death or loss occurs as part of the work.
  • c) Support for the organization when there are significant changes in the workplace—not necessarily related to death, but generating a loss/stress response.
  • d) Support for the team when faced with unpredictable loss events such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Learning Objectives:

  • To deepen awareness of the impact of the current COVID-19 pandemic, the ongoing opioid overdose epidemic, alongside other current stressors and challenges in this work.
  • To come away with a theoretical framework for understanding how people respond to grief and loss and the diversity within those responses.
  • To review current coping strategies and strategies of resilience that emerge when people are faced with ongoing crisis and loss events.
  • To deepen our understanding of the role of managers in caring for staff, volunteers, and community members experiencing stigmatized losses in both personal and professional arenas.
  • To begin an exploration of best practices and tools to respond effectively to loss, including 3 distinct Debriefing Practices.
  • To outline a model for a Low Impact Debriefing practice.
  • To offer an opportunity for managers to “say a good goodbye” to individuals they’ve lost as part of this work.

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