Youth, Drugs, and the Law

youth, drugs, and the law

Youth, Drugs, and the Law

Level One Core QoC Workshop

This interactive and engaging workshop provides information and practical skills to parents, teachers, and/or anyone in a position of supporting at-risk youth. Participants gain an understanding of strength-based, trauma-informed, and youth-centered approaches with regards to youth substance use and the law. Additionally, this workshop contains a short presentation and Q&A with a Community Service Officer from the Peterborough Police.

Learning Objectives

  • To learn how to assess if a youth may be at-risk of developing a dependence on drug use.
  • To gain information on different substances and the risks associated with use.
  • To gain an understanding of support and interventions for youth who are in active substance use.
  • To discuss strategies and supports for helping prevent youth from becoming involved with the law.
  • To learn about the Youth Criminal Justice Act and its purpose to help our youth.
  • To gain an understanding of what it looks like once a youth has been arrested.
  • To gain an understanding of when and how to approach youth.
  • To gain skills that help us build a positive and caring connection with youth.
  • To learn what your role can look like when supporting a youth.

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