One Word

26 Oct One Word

Imagine the difference that one word can make. It can uplift a person, or make them feel worthless. It can start a relationship, or it can end it. It can give power, or it can take it away.

Showing respect and compassion towards even our most difficult or high-needs clients can often be as simple as a single comment or even a single word. When developing our professional skill sets, it is important to include the specific language and interactions we have with our clients in our list of areas of improvement. The words we use can have a major impact on the success and quality of our services.

Here at Question of Care, we are providing free professional training and development workshops to better equip our community’s health and care services¬†with skills and knowledge to engage effectively and compassionately with their clients. We encourage you to check out our training calendar and sign up for some community workshops today!

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